API Authentication

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Prior to issuing any API call, you will first need to authenticate with the VALT application. This should be completed by issuing the following API call. After authenticating successfully, you will receive an access token. Save this access token as it will be used in all other API calls.

Resource URL


Resource Information

Method POST
Headers Content-Type:application/json
Response Type JSON
Authentication Required No


Name Description Required Example
Username Username for a VALT user, can be a local or LDAP user. yes admin
Password VALT password for the specified user. yes admin


Code Reason
200 Authentication Successful
401 Invalid Username or Password
JSON Response
access_token access token for use in any API calls that require authentication



The sample JSON body below is formatted with line breaks and indentation to make it easier to read. This is not required.


Successful Response

{"data":{"access_token": "e82632d19c523678fea3d1016c6df9e9" }}

Failure Response

{"data": "Invalid username or password"}