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🕮VALT is a web-based application. For information regarding recommended browsers, please visit Supported Browsers.

To ensure optimal performance and seamless playback of livestreams and recorded videos in VALT, there are several key components that should be taken into consideration. While the exact requirements may vary depending on individual use cases, we provide the following guidance to help you make informed decisions about your hardware:

Processor (CPU)
The processor of the client PC plays a crucial role in handling decoding and playback of livestreams and recorded videos, particularly if the PC is also being used to multitask.
Memory (RAM)
Sufficient memory capacity is essential for efficient buffering of streaming video, especially when viewing multiple feeds and/or multitasking.
Graphics Processor (GPU)
A capable graphics processor can significantly decrease the burden on the CPU by offloading decoding and playback tasks, freeing up the CPU resources for other purposes.
Network Connection
A stable and high-speed network connection is critical for seamless streaming of recorded content.
Component Minimum
Recommended Spec
Processor (CPU) Intel 8th Gen Quad-Core
AMD Zen Quad-Core
Memory (RAM) 8GB DDR4
Graphics Card (GPU) Intel UHD Graphics 630
AMD Vega 3
Geforce MX150
Network Connection Wired (preferred)
Wi-fi 5 Capable

NOTE: The number of live streams you are watching will also impact your viewing experience.

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