Unboxing Your VALT POC System

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The VALT POC system will be shipped to you in a weather proof hard case. Everything required for you VALT Proof of Concept demonstration will be included in this case.

IVS will only ship the requested equipment for a POC. It may include the following:

  • VALT POC Appliance
  • VALT POC Camera and Stand
  • VALT POC Wireless Access Point

PoCunbox1.jpg POCunbox2.jpg

The case will be locked with combination locks. Please contact your VALT Sales Representative for the combination.

Inside the case, you will find customized foam padding divided into layers. Please make sure to save all padding to use in the return shipment after the proof of concept is complete.

On the top layer will be the back plate VALT POC Camera and Stand


Remove the VALT POC Cameras (back board) and set them aside.

The next element will be the VALT POC Camera base. This houses all wiring, processing, and also contains the accessory panel


Determine an appropriate location for the VALT POC Camera Station


Slide the VALT POC Camera (back board) into the opening into the base of the Stand. The back board should fit snugly.


On the back of the VALT POC Camera station, connect the wiring from the cameras to the input panel on the base

PoCunbox8.jpg PoCunbox9.jpg