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The home screen acts as a dashboard for a user. It is designed to allow them to quickly access items of importance in various sections of the application from a single screen.
VALT 6 Home Page.png
  1. The button menu on the top is used to hide/show the different corresponding sections on the home page.
  2. Rooms: This section shows all available rooms hovering over a room brings up associated control buttons.
  3. Recent Recordings: This section shows the most recent recordings hovering over a recording brings up the associated control buttons.
  4. Notice: This section will display a message assigned to the user’s group that a admin can set or change.

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VALT 6 Home Page Rooms.png
  1. Clicking the view all button will take the user to the observe section.
  2. When you hover over a section a scrollbar will appear if all rooms do not fit on the card.
  3. Hovering over a room will reveal associate control buttons. Pressing the record button will pull up the recording modal as shown above.
  4. Clicking Record will start recording on the associated room as shown below.

VALT 6 Home Page Rooms Recording.png
  1. Recording indicator showing how long a recording has been active for.
  2. Recording controls pause & stop shown above.

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Recent Recordings

VALT 6 Home Page Recent Recordings.png
  1. Clicking the edit button will pull up a sub menu as shown above.
  2. Clicking any of the edit sub menu buttons will pull up the edit recording modal.
  3. Clicking the download button then selecting a camera will download the associated .mp4 file.
  4. Clicking the delete button will prompt for confirmation if a user selects yes the associated recording will be deleted. Once deleted there is no way to recover that recording.

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