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Supported Desktop Browsers

VALT uses HTML5 for all video controls. No 3rd party software or plug-ins are required to run VALT. Virtually any modern browser should be compatible with VALT however we only test compatibility with the browsers listed below.

Desktop Browsers

Icon Browser Tested Version Recommended 1-5
App-Chrome-icon.png Chrome Latest Available 5
Microsoft edge logo .png Microsoft Edge Latest Available 4
Firefox-logo.png Firefox Latest Available 3
Safari-logo.png Safari Latest Available 2

Android & iOS

Icon Browser Tested Version Recommended 1-5
App-Chrome-icon.png Chrome Latest Available 5


To access VALT simply open a web browser and point to the URL of the VALT server. This will take the user to a login screen as shown below.

General accessing.png

If the Enterprise version of VALT was purchased the login page can be customized as shown below.

General login custom.jpg
  1. This the login area where the user credentials are entered.
  2. This is the custom image section, any number of images can be added the images will automatically scale to the browser width. These images can also be set to link to other web pages.

Main Navigation

Once logged into the software the user will have access to a variety of application features and sections based on their user permissions.

General mainnav.jpg
  1. Any unacknowledged alerts will appear at the top of the page. Alerts are items that often require attention and include: offline cameras, encoders, controllers and low disk space (500GB, 200GB, 100GB, 50GB, 10GB).
  2. The main navigation menu will appear on the left hand side. The active section will be expanded and shown in grey.
  3. The buttons in the upper right hand corner are present in every section and will these are...
  4. General night mode.png Night Mode
    User menu.png User Menu
    Help.png Help

    These are covered in detail below.

Night Mode

Night mode can be toggled on or off by clicking the Night Mode button. This is a user specific setting and the application remembers each users preference. When enabled it changes the interface to use darker colors for all sections as shown below.

General night mode ui.jpg

User Menu

The user menu allows users to view and change some account specific settings without admin access. Clicking the user menu icon will display some portion of the options shown below (based on permissions).

General user menu ui.png
  1. Display Name: This is the name that will be shown in other parts of the software (author, sharing sections etc).
  2. Email Address: If the user wishes to receive any email alerts this field will have to properly entered.
  3. Password Reset: If the account is a local user (not LDAP // SSO) and the user has permission they can reset their password using these fields.


This is a configurable help section. All users will have access to view this section, the displayed information can be modified through the admin section.

General help ui.jpg